Advantages for you working with Digistore24 as an affiliate / publisher

High commission rates

Digistore24 vendors / advertisers are clever. They offer 50% or more as commission, because it's your marketing efforts that earns them money. So ultimately, your efforts must be rewarded. The perfect win-win situation.

Recurring commissions

Selling subscription products through Digistore24 adds up! Many of our products are subscriptions, which literally provide monthly recurring profits for you.

Payment on time - every time

When you're advertising online, you need especially one key advantage: A reliable partner. For all the past years Digistore24 has been paying its members punctually and correctly – each time.

One-click upsells

With just one added click in the sales process, many products on Digistore24 are sold by our vendors / advertisers as an upsell. With an optimized sales process like this, you're easily able to double or triple your revenue per sale and satisfy your audience.

Conversion optimization

We at Digistore24 understand very well that conversion is one of the most important indicators for success to you. That's why we measure and optimize it constantly, creating optimal sales rates.

The newest and best products

You want to offer the most relevant and up to date products in your market niche, because that way you'll provide the most value for your audience. That's why you will find these products in our marketplace.

More than 3000
new members each month

We are happy to welcome more than 3000 new Digistore24 members each month, who are professionals in online marketing and offer their products or work as affiliates. We are already one of Europe's largest affiliate networks. The cause of our success is simple: We have the best and fastest selling products and offer the most reliable and complete service. Join our highly profitable community as well!

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Everything you need to know at one glance


Right after the login, you get a quick overview of what you really want to know: Sales, Upsells, Promo-Clicks, Earnings per click or your products cancelation quota – everything at one glance. We can display your earnings on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, listed or in a chart. Additionally you will see immediately which products and affiliates generate the highest revenues. Everything available just after your login.


Our extensive statistics grant you a perfect overview of relevant data such as: Conversions, EPC, EPV, promo clicks, customer value and much more. Therefore you always know where you're heading and how to improve your conversion rates.


Our vendors / advertisers are able to present and offer their own products on the Digistore24 marketplace. Our affiliates / publisher will see all relevant information about those products at one glance: Conversion rate, earnings per sell, cancellation rate and more. This way they easily find the right fit for their marketing mix and both sides are winning. All easy and comfortably done on Digistore24's marketplace.

What our customers say about us

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Rainer von

I can say that compared to it's competitors, Digistore24 is absolutely in mint condition. It's much easier, the processes are much cooler and it's features are much better. All in all Digistore24 is helping our business growth enormously.


Digistore24 always provides timely payments with the numbers always working out. Their accounting is very good and the support is exceptional. And secondly: The conversion rate is excellent!


In time Digistore24 has turned into such a useful tool that we can no longer imagine working without it. We have more time and a more fulfilling life thanks to the reduced workload.

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