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  • SAP Business Process Steps and Business Process Master List
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    The BPML bundle contains two of our SAP Project Management tools (MS Excel) in a package at a special price: 

    1. The Business Process Master List shows examples and excerpts of the

    - The process list of a supplier company in the automotive industry (lines) with a first exemplary mapping of the S/4HANA 1909 Best Practice Processes
    - The end-to-end processes of the same company with real data examples
    - The assignment of processes within the end-to-end processes.

    The list offers the possibility to use it as a starting point, to insert own processes, to adapt them to the nomenclature of the company and the scope of the project and to get the own business process master list with little effort.
    The contents of the BPML are, of course, anonymized and adapted to such an extent that no conclusions can be drawn about a real process landscape.
    The BPML is available in one register in German as well as, in a second register, in English.

    In addition the file contains in two further registers the
    - A listing of all S/4HANA 1909 Best Practice processes for mapping to the own processes and
    - The definitions of the end-to-end test areas with the corresponding SAP modules.
    The contents of these two tabs are only available in English.


    2. The comprehensive list of SAP Business Process Steps contains the list of 4.580 SAP Business Process Steps of the S/4 HANA 1909 Best Practice Processes as Excel file for download. It contains one column each for
    - Distinction: New in S/4HANA 1909 or already existing in 1809
    - Scope item Description
    - Business role
    - Task
    - SAP process step
    - Fiori semantic object
    - Transaction code
    - Fiori Application Name and Object
    - Process flow description
    - Pool/System
    and some more useful columns.

    The user can use the list of process steps directly in his or her project, as the columns have been arranged so that they can be cut and pasted into the Accelerated Testing Environment© test script templates.

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    DigiMember - WP Membership Plugin
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    SAP Extended Warehouse Management / SAP EWM Video Training
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    Get in touch with the SAP Extended Warehouse Management
    This is not a "you have to customize this in order to achieve that" kinda course - but a course helping you understand the basics and principles of SAP EWM. How the EWM works, what objects the EWM provides and the most useful support we can provide: SAP EWM is not that complicated if you understand the principles.

    Learn how the SAP EWM is constructed and what the differences between SAP WM and EWM are.

    The course is divided in two separate chapters:

    - The Essentials: 9 Videos to learn the basic SAP EWM objects and expressions

    • The Warehouse Topology

    • Handling Units

    • Warehouse Tasks

    • Warehouse Orders

    • The Product Master

    • Storage Bin Sorting

    • Waves

    • Transportation Units & Vehicles

    • Helpful Transaction Codes

    - The Basic Process: 6 Videos taking you on a journey through an imaginary Warehouse operated with SAP Extended Warehouse Management

    • The Inbond Delivery

    • The ROD/AFS Principle

    • The Putaway Process

    • Outbound Delivery Orders

    • Pick and Pack

    • The Goods Issue

    Our videos are not just some narrated Powerpoint sildes - We are trying to give you the best SAP EWM learning experience out there

    Customers receive:

    • 1,45 hours On-Demand Video
    • Lifetime access to our membership area
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    Anti-Hacking Software
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    AntiVirus, Anti-Hacking Cell Phone & PC Software

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