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  • EGroupware - Online Collaboration Software
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    Integrative, flexible and safe: Online Collaboration Software made in Germany

    Group calendars, address books, tasks and projects, tracking system, file management, e-mail client: EGroupware is an open-source enterprise software for business use. The software supports integrated project teams across and within organisation boundaries.

    Windows, Linux or Mac – EGroupware runs browser-based and thereby independent from the installed running system. The mobile version enables online access to all data on the go – without any need of synchronisation.

    Interlinking any data across applications and setting up business processes through configurable custom fields are making EGroupware desirable for companies, who require the highest flexibility from a collaborative software solution.

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    Raspberry Pi for Beginners (Mac+PC)
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    Apply now for "Raspberry Pi for beginners" video course ...

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    target groups are:

    - Raspberry Pi Interested parties
    - Technology Blog Reader
    - hobbyists
    - Technology enthusiasts
    - Company and
    - computer schools

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    Video course contents:

    25 lessons of compact Raspberry Pi know-how:

    + What is a Raspberry PI?
    + What exciting projects are there already?
    + Which models are there and which is the right one for me?
    + Where can I buy a Raspberry + accessories?
    + Technical data and interfaces of the Raspberry PI 3B+
    + What can I do with a Raspberry after the first start?
    + Download the images from the Internet
    + Installation of the operating system on the microSD card (for PC)
    + Installation of the operating system on the microSD card (for Mac)
    + Installation of the operating system with NOOBS
    + Commissioning of the Raspberry with a monitor
    + Commissioning of the Raspberry without monitor (headless installation)
    + microSD Backup & Image Recovery
    + microSD card with empty (Mac + PC)
    + Which projects are software-based possible?
    + Software project: PI-Hole network-wide advertising blocker
    + Software Project: Homebridge (Example: Lamp Control)
    + Software Project: Webmin for System Administration
    + Software project: Retropi (game console) + Kodi (media center)
    + What sensors can I connect to the Raspberry?
    + Hardware Project: Camera Module
    + Hardware Project: Soil Moisture Module
    + Hardware Project: Light Sensitivity Module
    + Hardware Project: Laser Beam Module
    + Introduction Programming with Scratch
    + Introduction Programming with Thonny (Python)

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2 Results
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