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  • Laser Beam Targeting System
    *Net per sale

    Laser Beam Targeting System is a proven stretegy of using Facebook ads to build up your business.

    Facebook Ads is a essential tool and skill when you come to target right audicence for your business, products and service. It will save a lot of money and time when you know how to take advantage of Facebook.

    A Step-By-Step guide will be shown and lead you from scratch to advanced. We wish you could success and using the skill to develop your business.

    Earnings*: ca. $33.08**
    Price: ca. $37.00 Commission: 100% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $33.08 net Vendor: Ashton_W Created: 15 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment
1 Result
** These values strongly depend on the quality of the traffic. They are NOT an estimate of your potential income.

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