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  • E.D. Elixir + 3 Free Bonuses: Reverse Your E.D. Naturally!
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    A true elixir to solve any ED related issues (health, relationships, depression)

    This digital product has a proven formula to cure ED and become a healthier and more energized version of yourself. Our customers are raving about the product, which is backed up by reviews, 7 figure sales and the lowest refund rate in the industry.


    What will you get as ED Elixir affiliate?

    • Sales copy is geared towards men of all ages who want to improve their sexual performance, which is nearly all men over 35

    • The conversion rate of over 60%!

    • 24/7 Affiliate support

    • A team that is rigorously testing and tweaking the offer with email and paid traffic, CONSTANTLY improving conversion rates


    Our affiliates are making $50+ from each sale. Just send traffic and watch the numbers SKYROCKET on your dashboard!

    Earnings*: ca. $16.59**
    Price: ca. $37.00 Commission: 75% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $16.59 net Vendor: edelixir Created: 26 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment

    Master Business and Marketing eBook Package
    *Net per sale

    Amazing eBooks for Business, Marketing, and Lifestyle all in one place!

    This package currently includes:

    • The Warrior Marketer
    • Internet Business Startup
    • How to Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time
    • How to Create Your Own Physical Video Products
    • Expert Interviews For Extra Traffic
    • Warrior Mindset

    Currently, this irresistible offer is CRAZY! And YOU can get CRAZY results too and a BIG cut!

    Why Promote This Product?

    • Lots of resources to use for advertising.
    • A HUGE BUNDLE of eBooks targeted to catch eyes!
    • Being updated regularly - soon to add different niche books!
    • You get a BIG cut of the sale!
    Earnings*: ca. $4.21**
    Price: ca. $17.00 Commission: 85% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $4.21 net Vendor: JustJat Created: 23 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment

    Love Notes
    *Net per sale

    Get HIGH every time you refresh your stats and see the NEW SALES you made with this killer men’s dating offer!

    Love Notes has been killing it on private affiliate email lists everywhere and has just been made available for you on Digistore24.

    Here’s why you should send your traffic to this offer today:

    $$$ It’s “weird” hook and mechanism converts cold and warm traffic, and forces sales even if your lists are burnt out from seeing the same-old-same dating offers.

    $$$ Affiliates seeing $1 to $3 epcs (and more!) + recurring commissions. How much money will your traffic make?

    $$$ Incredible take rate of almost 80% (!) on recurring offers guarantees you continue to make money months (and even years) after each original sale.

    $$$ Written by one of the top copywriters in the dating niche, with multiple winners on his resume.

    $$$ Special support for all of our affiliates so that you always get the help you need to make BIG MONEY with this offer.

    Here’s how to get started:

    Go here: https://thelegendarysexlife.com/affiliates to sign up and get our proven, tested creatives. Now all you have to do is send traffic, sit back, and watch the cash registers ring.

    Affiliates everywhere are getting fat checks deposited directly to their bank accounts every week with this offer. What do they know that you don’t?

    Join the other “high rollers” today: https://thelegendarysexlife.com/affiliates

    Earnings*: ca. $11.59**
    Price: ca. $67.00 Commission: 75% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $11.59 net Vendor: cashandking Created: 18 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment

    Bring your film in every CINEMA (video course)
    *Net per sale

    Get 80.56 € Provison!
    Per sale you get 50% commission!

    Product description:
    Learn to bring your own movie to every CINEMA in the world!

    With the unique video course by Sebastian Leitner, you can create your own DCP (digital cinema package), check it 100% play safe and clone as often as you want.

    Short - you can after the successful graduation:

    Understand DCP
    Create your own DCP
    Clone DCP
    Everything with free software!

    BONUS: (What you also learn)

    Set your screen correctly
    Understand the CINEMA color space
    Set up KINO sound

    You have access to the payment at any time and lifelong access.

    So you can also use the video course at 3 o'clock at night!

    If you are not 120% satisfied, just write me a personal e-mail!

    We wish you lots of success with your CINEMAMOVIE!

    Your DCP Workshop Team

    Sebastian Leitner & Sven Sulik

    Earnings*: ca. $24.60**
    Price: ca. $353.39 Commission: 50% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $24.60 net Vendor: cinema-mastering Created: 48 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment

    7 Weeks to a Better YOU - Vibrational Meditation Course
    *Net per sale

    For 7 weeks your customers will be taken through guided meditations to free them from stress, anxiety, depression, and sadness. They'll become a more stable version of themselves. They'll change their vibrations and make themselves irresistible to wealth. 

    As an affiliate: 

    FREE Vibepreneur Training included - helping you make your first seven figures online https://bit.ly/Vibepreneur
    • Learn how to be your own boss, so you can benefit from setting your own marketing goals and income targets
    Receive 50% commissions for every product sold
    Zero money out of pocket
    Evergreen products that will never become obsolete
    • Make money anywhere in the world
    Pre-designed WINNING advertising resources such as - testimonials, ad graphics, email swipes, ad swipes, freebies to give to your audience, and more.
    Earnings*: ca. $6.83**
    Price: ca. $147.00 Commission: 50% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $6.83 net Vendor: Vibewealth Created: 22 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment
194 Results
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