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    Paddle Challenge
    *Net per sale

    You want to paddle effortlessly into the line up and with power into the waves?
    In this course we will boost your paddle power for long paddle sessions and powerful paddle sprints.
    Kim @fearless_surfer and Ramona @surf_fitness_online will give you lots of input, mental training and sweaty workouts on all aspects of paddling. The best thing: All content is permanently available in your personal member area.  

    The live challenge will take place from 06/09/21 till 14/09/21

    You get:

    • 5 surf specific workouts to improve your paddling
    • 5 surf mental training sessions
    • 5 video lessons on paddling technique, wave selection and more
    • Access to your personal member area, where you get permanent access to all content.
    • Our best tips for paddling
    • Bonus surprise content.

    In the Paddle Challenge you will learn ...

    ...how to paddle more efficiently with the right paddling technique! 

    ...which exercises and routines are the best way to regenerate! 

    ...how to increase your range-of-motion to minimise the risk of injury and overload.

    ...how to paddle powerfully into the wave and how to position yourself best. 

    ...how to best build power, strength and endurance to last longer and move better in the water!

    ...how you can improve your paddling skills on land with mental training.

     Join us, and fall in love with paddling!

    Earnings*: Around $37.33**
    Price: Around $85.00 Commission: 50% Earnings/Sale**: Around $37.33 net Vendor: SurfFitnessOnline Created: two years ago Billing types: Single payment, Installment
1 Result
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