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    Managing social media accounts on different platforms can be painful and time consuming for vloggers, bloggers, and SMEs. If you are using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote yourself or your business, Blue Strawberry will become your best friend.

    Blue Strawberry is an AI-powered platform that creates social media posts for you from your website, blogs or even YouTube videos! The posts can then be easily scheduled on different social media platforms for up to 18 months. All within just a few clicks.

    Connect your YouTube channel to your Blue Strawberry account and leave the AI to create social media posts for you every time you upload a new video. Alternatively, you can add a unique YouTube link, to your video.

    Provide the RSS feed and Blue Strawberry will automatically create posts for you whenever you update your website or blogs.

    Select and edit pictures for your posts, or even let Blue Strawberry create a short video for your posts to make them livelier.

    Have multiple workspaces if you have more than one brand, website, or YouTube channel to market. Try Blue Strawberry now and enjoy a hassle-free social media management experience.

    Earnings*: Around $10.13**
    Price: Around $48.49 Commission: 25% Earnings/Sale**: Around $10.13 net Vendor: CanterburyAI Created: one year ago Billing types: Subscription
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